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AfriForum launches petition against misappropriation of tax money

AfriForum launched a comprehensive campaign, #waarvoorbetaalons?/#whatarewepayingfor?, to hold Government responsible for the misappropriation of allocated tax money. As part of this campaign, members of the public are requested to add their names to the official letter that AfriForum wants to submit to National Treasury. The letter will be directed to Mr Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Finance, and will request detailed feedback on the spending of funds that are allocated to improve education, decrease unemployment, and improve security, public order and safety.

“We as citizens are paying a lot for a poor service. South Africans suffer the direct results of the deterioration of the state: load shedding, poor service delivery, poor education, escalating crime and low economic growth,” said Monique Taute, National Campaign Coordinator for AfriForum.

“According to AfriForum’s opinion poll on the spending of tax money, it is very clear that taxpayers are of the opinion that their tax money is being misappropriated. The majority of respondents felt that it was unfair to pay taxes if Government did not fulfil its duties. It is all the more clear that we do not receive value for our expensive tax money,” Taute said.

Taute also said that Statistics South Africa had estimated South Africa’s population on 54 million people in 2014, while only 5,5 million tax returns had been filed with the South African Revenue Service during the 2014 tax season. This means that a mere 10,22% of South Africans contribute to income tax. It is high time, therefore, that this 10% demands to know what their tax money is begin spent on and protests against the misappropriation thereof.

AfriForum therefore encourages the public to support their petition against the misappropriation of allocated tax money by sending an SMS with their name to 45352 (R1) or by signing the petition on AfriForum’s web page at www.afriforum.co.za.

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