AfriForum launches its Anti-corruption Unit

AfriForum launched its Anti-corruption Unit in cooperation with Paul O’Sullivan, Forensic Investigator and certified Fraud Examiner, at a media conference in Centurion today. The civil rights organisation has long recognised the fact that systemic corruption could bring any country to its knees and therefore decided to take this opportunity to expose how the criminal justice system had been captured by the underworld.



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AfriForum wants to encourage the public to support the fight against corruption. This can be done by sending an SMS with their name and “Corruption” to 38312 to donate R10 to the anti-corruption fund.

  • Evidence attached:

Annexure 1: Radovan Krejcir admits corrupt dealings with senior officials.

Annexure 2: Corrupt dealings between Mabasa and Krejcir.

Annexure 3: Krejcir bribes Magistrate Holzen.

Annexure 4: Letter to Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President, and NDPP.

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